Kicking Camps with Kicking Coach Michael Husted

National Camp Series Kicking Camps (NCS)

The NCS offers regional kicking camps and an annual Super Camp that provide instruction and evaluations. Collectively, our coaches are the most respected in the world with NFL, and College level playing experience. The National Camp Series, through its kicking camps, helps student-athletes to gain experience, prove consistency, and provide exposure to colleges and universities.

The National Camp Series was developed by former NFL Kicker Michael Husted. After a successful 9 Year NFL career, Michael determined that there had to be a more objective and analytical process to evaluate college prospects.

The National Camp Series is a series of kicking camps around the country with use an objective evaluation platform that is hosted by a network of expert kicking coaches. The National Camp Series (NCS) KIX Player Ratings System utilizes over six years of historical event data to determine a kickers rankings by cross-referencing player data to determine how the athletes stack up against others, both presently and historically.

The Kicking Game is 90% mental. "Can YOU do it when the pressure is on." The biggest difference between being successful at each level is the ability to perform under pressure. The Kicking Game has become so important over the last couple of years, that there is great emphasis on specialists to perform on a consistent basis.

Our platform offers specialists multiple events to help them:

  1. See how they stack up against others across the country
  2. Demonstrate to colleges their ability to play at the next level
  3. Learn how to perform under pressure

The National Camp Series consists of a team of the most highly respected kicking coaches in the country. This is a huge benefit to you! By leveraging our team of coach's knowledge and contacts we are able to give you better evaluations and market you to a very broad network of college coaches. Basically, you will have our entire team of coaches working for you to find you a college. This is why we use the 'team approach' to the National Camp Series.

The experience that you get through NCS kicking camps will prepare you for the next level. The National Camp series offers kickers, punters and long snappers a unique opportunity to showcase their talents in four separate divisions based on your graduation year.

  1. College (Seniors, College Transfers, Junior College and College Eligible)
  2. Varsity (Juniors)
  3. Jr. Varsity (10th grade)
  4. Freshman (9th grade and below)
  5. Middle School (8th grade and younger)

Husted Kicking Pro Camp

Michael Husted, Mike Hollis, Dave Brader, Mitch Palmer and Mike Stock bring valuable expert instruction and NFL experience to this Pro kicking camp. Come learn from athletes who have played in the NFL as well as coached hundreds of players.

College-Pro Kicking Camp, Virtual Pro Day for Draft Eligible Seniors and Pro Day for Free Agents. Being able to play at the Pro Level requires training and opportunity. There are only so many positions available at the Aguiar / Husted Pro Kicking Camp.

The kicking camp will include:

Husted Evaluating NFL Prospects

* Four days of charting and evaluations
* Three days of instruction
* Two days of video
* Small group sessions to ensure quality

This kicking camp is open to college specialists, draft eligible seniors and free agents.

The benefits of attending this kicking camp for college specialists include:

* Receiving professional instruction
* Entrance into the Husted Pro Database which is reviewed by all professional leagues and teams
* Honest assessment of skill level
* Game plan for peak performance

The benefits of attending this kicking camp for draft eligible seniors:

* Our kicking camp event serves as an official alternate NFL combine for those who were not invited to the NFL’s combine in Indianapolis
* The NFL uses a third party organization to select players for their combine, thus over looking many talented prospects
* An opportunity to get instruction, evaluation and current video for all professional leagues and teams to review online
* A chance to see what the pool of talent for specialists looks like since our camp combines draft eligible seniors and current free agents
* Ranking and Evaluation Presentation to all NFL, UFL and CFL teams at our annual Pro Breakfast on Thursday, April 5th, before the Free Agent Showcase

The benefits for free agents:

* NFL Long Snapper Mitch Palmer Coaching and Evaluating
* To let objective data through our NFL style workouts be used to showcase your talent
* Receive professional instruction from former NFL players and coaches that have over50 years of experience
* Valuable consultation on what it takes to perform at a high level and position yourself for opportunities
* A chance to qualify to kick in front of NFL, UFL and CFL coaches and player personnel

Over the years, dozens of athletes from our camps have been signed to professional contracts in the NFL, UFL, CFL and arena leagues. Many Pro teams rely on us to provide them with current information on prospects and free agents.

Husted / Hentrich College Prep Kicking Camp

Join us for our exclusive college prep kicking camp with former 17 Year NFL punter Craig Hentrich (Notre Dame) and former 9 Year NFL kicker Michael Husted (University of Virginia.)

Having attended three of the top universities in the country and playing football at the highest level, Michael and Craig are hosting a comprehensive specialists’ kicking camp. It will be one of the premiere kicking camps in the country.

Playing in the NFL is a privilege that only a few people get to enjoy. However, we believe that playing football provides you with a great opportunity to leverage your sport to get a great college education. this kicking camp can help you do just that.

The intangibles that you receive from playing college football while earning a degree will surely set a solid foundation for the rest of your life. Whether that is a career in the NFL or as another professional, like a doctor, lawyer, executive or teacher, you will be ready to take on any challenge.

We will educate you on what it takes to be a successful athlete and a successful college student.


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