Consulting with Kicking Coach Michael Husted
Husted Kicking will provide kicking consultation at any level.

Whether you are trying to navigate through the college recruiting process, managing your college career or looking for strategy to best position yourself for a professional career, we can offer experience and guidance.

Michael Husted has over 10 years of experience in the high school recruiting industry, from online technology to event management. Co-Founder of, Michael was an early adopter and took the recruiting system from snail mail to online.

Michael also founded the National Camp Series system that is recognized as one of the top camps among kickers, punters and long snappers.

Not being heavily recruited out of high school or college, Michael still found success at every level due to a persistent work ethic and positive attitude. Michael was the typical student-athlete that had to figure and learn on his own the necessary steps to continue his passion for playing sports.

Choosing the right school academically and the right athletic program that will allow you to build a solid foundation for the rest of your career is the number one priority for Husted Kicking.

Being successful in college is all about Time Management.

Managing the responsibilities of college academics, the requirements and demands of an athletic team as well as understanding the opportunities and temptations that the college life style provides can be overwhelming at times. Husted Kicking and its partners, fully understand what is needed to execute a winning game plan for you while you are in college.

Playing at the professional level takes sacrifice and commitment to the highest level. You have to operate a little on blind faith as well as against the odds. However, we believe that you owe it to yourself to evaluate your opportunities and follow your dreams while you have a window of opportunity. The last thing that you want to do is ask yourself, “What if?” Husted Kicking will guide you through the necessary steps to help you assess, prepare and execute a plan that you can follow.

Husted Kicking consulting will encompass:

  • High School, College and Pro Strategy
  • College Research
  • Mental Fitness
  • Position Specific Training


*25% discount if year is paid in advance.
($450 savings.)